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What should Porsche management do about the company foreign exchange exposure? (Essay Sample)


What should Porsche management do about the company foreign exchange exposure?


What should Porsche management do about the company foreign exchange exposure?
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In the recent business atmosphere, generally defined as turbulent, for companies to improve and stay in the market, they are required to pursue every new opportunity that come their way if they tend to leap ahead. This is the best way for Porsche management to consider. One of the essentials that companies has been experiencing for quite a long period is the choice whether to transfer certain activities and processes to other company or whether to devote time, money and energy and carry out all essential processes and activities in own company.
Porsches management should consider moving some of their production to America and make sure that; they match the dollar revenues with its cost which has been posing a considerable risk to sale and profits. This problem faced Porsches management because their exposure is a single–current cost based. They should not believe that the quality of the engineering and manufacturing are at the core of its brand, and leadership should be willing to move production beyond the existing European footprint.
For Porsches management to deal with foreign exchange exposure they should make sure they have production in both US dollar and euro. This is to avoid sustained currency-induced pricing pressures against the currency. This will improve in production and also the company will not be faced with the foreign exchange exposure which leads to losses. The management will...
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