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Possible methodology (Essay Sample)


please write possible methodology for the research question below. What is the impact of the new requirements of ��The Strategic Report’ on narrative reports of companies in UK ? IN PARTICULAR, WHAT IS THE IMPACT ON DISCLOSURE OF STRATEGY AND BUSINESS MODEL? (main research question) It is important for me I just need good explanation of the method. The method should be realistic for MSC student. Don\'t just copy the methods of professionals research methods. It is obvious that we cannot access some sources which professors can.


Possible methodology
Quantitative research
This research is aimed at determining the number of entities that have benefited from the disclosure of strategy and business model. The samples are supposed to come in with a number of considerations that are to determine the number of the different stakeholders who have gained from the use of the accounting statements. The respondents are to be determined randomly over a wide range of businesses within the UK. Data will be collected regarding the way in which the businesses are expected to transform with the disclosure of strategy and business model. The sampling data is supposed to be one that is well elaborated to the different stakeholders in ensuring that they understand the role that disclosure of strategy and business model plays as per the recommendation of the UK government (Azaria, 2013).
An understanding of the different strategies that the business entity is to undertake is very crucial in ensuring that those who are expected to be part of the business stakeholders in the long run are to understand the different cause of action that are adequate in executing the key priorities of any given business. Data regarding future aspects of the quantitative research relates to a number of possibilities that are critical to the best attention of the exceptions of all those who are concerned at any particular time.
Quantitative data regarding the impact of disclosure of strategy and business model is supposed to address the efforts of different categories in executing the differential analysis in the company’s business. The research is expected to be the type that ensures that the numbers of future misstatements are for the best interests of the business stakeholders as per the disclosure of strategy and business model (Azaria, 2013). The m...
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