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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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What it Means to Reject and Fail to Reject the Null Hypothesis (Essay Sample)


The Null hypothesis is a statement of ″no difference″ that contradicts the research hypothesis and is always expressed in terms of population parameters. Explain what it means to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Please respond with a minimum of 200 words. Include two scholarly sources and 2 in-text citations.


Null Hypothesis
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Null Hypothesis
A null hypothesis is a statement showing no difference that contradicts a research hypothesis that is based on population parameters. Rejection or acceptance of a null hypothesis is achieved by performing a statistical test on the collected data. A null hypothesis is rejected or accepted by researchers to create a room for further experimentation and provide more detail about the topic of discussion.
Rejecting a null hypothesis means that the p-value is far less than or equivalent to a significant level in a research study. Researchers need to formulate a research

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