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Advertisement with Photoshop: Coca-Cola (Essay Sample)


Instructions: You will create an advertisement for a favorite product you have. It can be food, drink, household item or even for a favorite place you like to visit such as a vacation resort or even just the local park. In this advertisement, you will apply your skills covered. You only need to apply one technique, layer, tool option, etc.; however, you may apply more if you feel you need to in order to create the advertisement to your liking.


Advertisement with Photoshop
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Advertisement with Photoshop
Advertisement strategies are changing with continuous advancement in technology. Photoshop is one of the new advertisement strategies developed as a result of technological advancement. Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest companies that produces soft drink. The company procures soft drinks with numerous portfolio of brands such as Fanta, Coca-Cola and sprite among other soft drinks. This article applies Photoshop to advertise Coca-Cola brand of the company. The brand is often referred to as Coke. It is a carbonated sparkling soft drink produced by the one of the largest beverage companies in the world.
The purpose of advertisement is to persuade the public to buy and consume more Coca-Cola soft drinks from the company. Advertisement of the brand through Photoshop with a persuasive caption, go where the art directs you, enhances the appealing of the brand to the public. The goal of the advertisement is to drive the public to the lifestyle of taking the company’s sparkling beverage. Photoshop advertisement creates sensory image in the mind of the consumers thus persuade them to buy more.
I customized my workspace through a series of step by step activities. Firstly, I rearranged the panel. Photoshop set my workspace to the right of the screen. I rearranged the panels to organize my workspace. I drag the ring button and sidebar to the left side of my iPad (SHORTCUTS). I then used free-floating panels because I didn’t prefer the left sided control center. I dragged the Photoshop panels out for rearrangement. I held the left side corner of the panel block and dragged out the panel tab. I moved the

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