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Comparison of Francesca’s the Baptism of Christ Painting With a Biblical Story (Essay Sample)


Text-Image Analysis
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Text-Image Analysis
The Baptism of Christ is a Renaissance painting by Piero della Francesca that was created on a wood panel, 66*45/3/4 (1.67*1.16 m) in the 1450s (Stokstad & Cothren, 2018). Indeed, it represents a significant Christian event that cannot be forgotten. Francesca's painting depicted the relationship between Christianity and Renaissance culture. The Baptism of Christ shows how Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in River Jordan. Although the painting reveals how Christ was baptized, Christians understand it better since they refer to the biblical story of the baptism of Jesus. In his painting, Francesca made sure that all relevant objects that were present during the baptism of Christ were present in his painting. Some of the things used in the painting are symbolic, which means that only Christians can comprehend their actual meaning. The paper compares Francesca’s the Baptism of Christ painting with a biblical story as its source text.
The bible says that John the Baptist was chosen by God to prepare the way for the coming of Messiah. In particular, Messiah was Jesus Christ, who was sent to earth to set a good example of a Christian way of life. In Isaiah 40:3, the bible says that "a voice of one calling in the wilderness. Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him" (Isaiah 40:3). John 

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