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Dinosaur Trace Fossils Discussion (Essay Sample)


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Dinosaur Trace Fossils Assignment
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Dinosaur Trace Fossils Assignment
A trace fossil refers to a fossil record that is usually not an animal or plant; instead, it is a biological activity record. Trace fossils are body parts usually affected by mineralization or a chemical activity later. The study of trace fossils is called ichnology. Trace fossils also include organic material remains such as coprolites that may be produced through biological means (Baucon et al., 2020). Types of dinosaur trace fossils include; eggs and nests, tracks and Trackways, Coprolites, tooth marks, and gastroliths. Therefore, this essay provides an overview of dinosaur trace fossils and the type of behavior each fossil indicates.
-54292536195000 Eggs and Nests
Initially, just like birds and reptiles lay eggs to reproduce, dinosaurs were reproduced through eggs instead of giving birth. The dinosaur eggs are typically arranged or represented in a definite pattern or geological record to indicate the initial presence of dinosaur nests (Frederickson, 2018). the dinosaur eggs are mainly preserved as an oblate. The oblate is informed of semispherical structure that indicates a distinctive shell microstructure.
-581025635000Initially, the nest of dinosaurs was basically on the ground, just like a few birds and some reptiles. According to research, there is no evidence of dinosaurs living on trees. The dinosaur nests have a spiracle arrangement of their eggs that probably shows the original orientation by the mother dinosaur later after laying the eggs.
-55245039052500Tracks and Trackway
A track refers to the foot impression of an animal. Dinosaurs also had forelimbs that are referred to as tracks well. The dinosaurs were large animals that were heavy enough to destroy the sediment layers. Dinosaurs would travel either four feet or two feet (Enriquez et al., 2022). Different dinosaurs left behind different tracks that attributed to different classifications of dinosaurs. The first dinosaur tracts had a three-toed shape that represents features of theropods.
Dinosaur Coprolites
-76200013335000Since dinosaurs were animals like any other, they fed and thus left feces deposits after meal digestion. Generally, fossilized feces are known as coprolites (Prothero, 2019). Coprolites show the bones or plant materials. Due to the existence of herbivorous dinosaurs, a few coprolites can be discovered as a result of ingested plant arthropods (Prothero, 2019). Thus, the habit of consuming insects makes dinosaurs insectivores.
-42862549530000 Dinosaur Toothmarks
A toothmark refers to any impression left by an animal after hitting an object. According to research, some dinosaurs used to feed on other animals, or dinosaurs left distinguishing toothmarks on the bones. The marks implied a different eating habit by some types of dinosaurs. Some bite marks that indicate healing were also discovered by scientists in some dinosaurs by scientists (Varriale, 2011). For example, there are records of dinosaur toothmarks on a triceratops. Despite the toothmarks, it does not imply that the dinosaur species killed and preyed on;2triceratops since the original triceratops species may have died long ago.
Dinosaur Gastroliths
-65722515494000Birds often swallow stones while feeding that resides in the gizzards. The stones usually help the birds to digest their food through grinding rigid food materials (Rindsberg, 2002). Since birds lack teeth, the gizzard plays a vital role in grinding food. The stones aided food breakdown for the dinosaurs, usually within a digestive tract known as gastroliths. Similarly, dinosaurs consumed stones for the exact reason birds did. Several stones were dis

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