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Portrait About Myself: American Samoa National Park (Essay Sample)


document shows that I am actively involved in the conversation of the environment by ensuring it is green, whereby I ensure that I plant at least thirty trees each and every year. Additionally, paper entails that through the pictures, I like taking breaks by going to a lonely place to reflect on the various aspects of my life. In conclusion, the park is a good portrait of various aspects of my life.


Portrait about Myself
Institution of Learning
Portrait about Myself
Source: American Samoa National Park
I am one of those people who likes visiting national parks around the world. Nature helps me to reflect on whom I really am in terms of likes and dislikes in life. One of my favorite national park is American Samoa National Park. The above four images taken from various parts of the park represent my different characters and are good expression of who I am as an individual (McDonnell, 2016). Firstly, the first image shows a cool environment. This image represents my cool character, where I don’t like engaging too much in talks or fights as a dislike arguments and places that are noisy. Secondly, the image show a place which is evergreen. This place represents my ideal environment that I would like to live in and take part in its conservation. I am actively involved in the conversation of the environment by ensuring it is green, whereby I ensure that I plant at least thirty trees each and every year. The second image shows a beautiful natural environment, which is good for adventurous activities. This image shows my character whereby I am an adventurous person who like adventuring in areas covered with ridges, deep sea waters and forests (Pears, 2015).
The third image shows people who are preparing to go out fishing with their boat. The image is a good representation of my hobby, whereby I like fishing very much having brought up an environment where the indigenous people are actively involved in fishing activities as their main sour...
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