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Rouge Heroes by Ben Macintyre Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Using the text you selected during Week 1 of our class, the final essay asks you to discuss its cinematic possibilities.
You will write a four to five page essay (excluding Works Cited) explaining which parts of the story would be easy to adapt and which would resist translation. You should also touch upon some of the social, economic, technical, or spectatorial challenges a filmmaker might encounter in adapting the text.


Rouge Heroes by Ben Macintyre
Rouge Heroes by Ben Macintyre
Artistic knowledge is one of the most vital skills used in the entertainment industry to present scientific fictions, supernatural films, and real-life stories, all of which educative to every generation (Dmytryk, 2018).Rouge of Heroes by Ben Macintyre is a good example of a book that has covered a real-life story of a character who contributed to the activities of the war that involved the British Special Air Service, SAS, and the Nazi powers (Macintyre, 2016). The presentation of the ideas is clear and can be manipulated to make a film or a movie out of it.Artistic skills are used in daily lives to present contemporary issues affecting human beings either directly or indirectly. The book by Ben Macintyre is a clear presentation of a high level of creativity and developed artistic skills that can also be promoted through incorporation other skills such as dramatization and acting (Dmytryk, 2018). The themes presented in the book can be well portrayed through audio-visuals than how they have been portrayed in the book. Even though some parts of the book may pose challenges to a filmmaker during translation, it is important to capture the social, economic, technical, and spectatorial changes that are likely to be encountered by the filmmaker when adapting the text.

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