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Summary of the Movie "Legend of the Seeker" (Essay Sample)


peovide a summary of an interesting movie you have watched


Legend of the Seeker
“Legend of the Seeker” is a movie series that was released in America in 2008. The story is told of three provinces namely: West land, Midland and D’ Hara. Midlands separated West land from D’Hara which is an evil land. The major characters of the film are Kahlan Amnell commonly referred to as the “mother confessor”, Richard cypher known as |the Seeker”, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander known as “the greatest wizard” and Cara the “Mord-Sith”. The series is arranged in different episodes ranging from the first episode where the mother confessor was charged with the mandate of searching for the seeker of the truth and the wizard of the first order. Mother confessor is the first order of the women to help in searching for the seeker of truth.
Mother confessor started the search for the seeker of truth and the wizard of the first order. An old man called Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander was found as the wizard of the first order. He helped the mother confessor in her quest to get the seeker. A young man called Richard Cypher with his sword of truth was found and the journey to search for the stone of tears that would wipe the tears of the people subjected to harsh rule of “Darken Rahl” started. Darken Rahl ruled the province of D’Hara which was full of evil acts and barbaric killings. The ruler is answerable to the keeper of the underworld. The soldiers from D’Hara 

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