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A Worn Path – The Atlantic, Main Character, Phoenix Jackson (Essay Sample)


A short summary of the movie "The Atlantic"


A Worn Path – The Atlantic
A Worn Path is an interesting story that was written in the year 1945 by Eudora Weity and rotates around one main character, Phoenix Jackson. Jackson is an aged woman who usually traverses thick forests and hills to fetch medicine for her grandson from a nearby town. However, one day her journey transforms into a weird and unusual scene whereby she is surrounded by wild animals but creates and follows a thin path through the forest. Jackson is seen commanding feral animals, insects, and plants throughout the story in her efforts to survive jungle life. My intent for writing this essay is to respond to the often asked questions by persons who have developed interests in this puzzling narrative.
In response, the thin metaphoric path that Jackson follows symbolizes the long-life struggles that many aged women pass through. When Jackson says, “Keep the big hogs out of my path”; she reflects on the many times that women pray for safety. As such, Jackson has toiled her entire long life, and the obstacles in her journey to success are common with many women. One unique feature is how the story is balanced on the third person narrative. For instance, this is evident when Weity describes Jackson using her old wrinkled skin and forehead. Moreover, when the hunter and the nurse address Jackson as “Granny” and “Grandma”; it illustrates young people’s perceptions towards t...
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