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Advanced Health Informatics Analysis Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper reviews the recent trends in the field of biology where it seeks to use the vast amounts data Out there in understanding human illnesses.


Advanced Health Informatics
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We have seen advancements in computers and technology in the augmented age. We live in a world of immense knowledge, and because most of it is practically instantly available to the public and free of charge, we've seen people come up with inventive methods to exploit it. However, it faces a challenge because it is not only used for good, but others can abuse it and cause devastation. Regardless of the overviews provided, AI and Biotech are a source of abuse that must be contained and managed by the appropriate personnel. Countries such as the United States, China, Russia, and India have recently accelerated their implementation of this new science, with a projected increase of up to 100 percent by 2030. (TED)
Keywords: Information, technology, medicine, health, artificial intelligence(AI),ECG,LSTM and AlphaGo.
1.0 Introduction
Contemporary medicine practice has shifted toward prevention, precision, and personalization compared to the traditional practice that focused on developing treatments for populations and relied on few physical characteristics among patients to inform clinical decisions.(Mesko 239-241). AI is responsible for the precision part, and biotechnology is solely for better outputs in optimization. The combination of AI and Biotechnology in Medicine has brought about new possibilities with lasting solutions in solving contemporary novels and pandemics. Some of the products from the conjunction include the neural link, H5N1 genome, a pathogenic organism, and last but not least, the AlphaGo Zero algorithm for predicting protein folding. The duo has resulted in new turns like combating new diseases and manufacturing novel vaccines as covid-19 produced recently.
1.1 Technologies and Personal Safety
About 7.5 billion individuals on planet earth and approximately 3 million of us are severely depressed, with 800,000 lives lost annually. The notion of apocalyptic dynamics, "People who'd try to kill us all if they somehow could." has brought an alarming call to scientists in the urge to understand what will happen soon with advanced machine learning algorithms, and recently students at MIT are predicting the future state with the help of quantum machines. Medicine has proved vital in curbing animal-related illnesses from the most feeble to the complex ones (TED 00:00-02: 35). In recent years, top-tier countries such as the United States, China, and Russia have competed in the technology sector. As a result of the discussed points in the paper, some lives have been lost as a result of these wrangles handled improperly. Humans are attempting to stop global warming, but it all began with their misuse of elements on the earth.
1.1 a) Bioterrorism and Bio-errorism
In November 2019, an outbreak was reported in a virologist facility in China, and it all took five months before becoming a global issue. The need to understand these risks we are exposed to will resolve us by relying mainly on algorithm-oriented and results-rich supercomputers. Virologists worldwide have conducted riskier experiments that will need careful handling before and after the outbreak of an epidemic. This may, however, have a severe negative impact in cases of poor handling of the organism dealt with here.
Paul Keim, a chairperson of US National Science advisory board for Biosecurity, recently stated in an interview, "Can't think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this." referring to H5-N1, a pathogenic organism developed by virologists could be weaponized and harm the well being of humanity. In mathematical modeling, Moore's law shows a similar upward trend in genetic editing and genetic sequencing. This similar trend was recorded in computing as it rose sharply at exponential rates. With this state of mind, irrational Virologists might design bugs deadlier than Ebora. In case of a hack in the main facility where the files are safeguarded, the files will spread over the internet at lightning speeds; eventually, we'll live with the error we committed, and it will mean a lot of lives lost.(TED)
1.2 Benefits of advanced Health informatics in Tech Sectors
a)AlphaGo-Zero algorithm
Through Artificial intelligence, we have revolutionized drug discovery, and It's known that most drugs work by physical interaction with a protein, which is either by activating or inhibiting it in the human body. So for this to work, it needs a high level of precision where the drugs bind to the protein, and details of the protein structure must be known. After developing a chipset by Google running on four Tension processing units(TPU's), this has been possible, which are optimized for machine learning. It then applies an AlphaGo zero algorithm which has made the prediction of protein folding possible. This, in turn, the content of drugs created out of this process is more accurate, therefore, reducing the cases of poisoning due to the wrong dosage we prescribe to patients. The level of precision for protein folding could not be possible if AI were not involved because of the large amount of data that needs to be run to come out with the correct hypotheses(Holcomb et., al 2018)
b) Anomaly Detection
With advances in AI, machine learning algorithms like LSTM autoencoders have proved vital in the detection of heart diseases. The dataset is collected from a 20-hour recording by an ECG machine built-in backend python code that gives both predictions and accuracy of the new data point, that can be observed at set thresholds.(Malhotra et al., 2016) The data set is widely available in areas like Physionet online and it includes five thousand observations that were randomly collected. During the training, five hundred observations can be subjected to the training and the remaining 4,500 are used in the testing from the sklearn, train test Split.
The dataset will go through cleansing, preprocessing, exploration, tests of metrics, deployment in hospitals in machines like the ECG and finally Maintaining high standards of the algorithm by improving the accuracy with more data and better deep learning neural networks. More data channeled to Giga companies like Tesla and Toyota have moved the vehicle industry to autonomy where several vehicles are projected to be self-driven through algorithms based on time series data. These vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Volkswagen ID4 machine will reduce annual deaths caused by reckless driving and with zero emissions as we fight the Global Warming that is the new issue of our era. With the 2020 Amazon fires, we can see the state of the planet earth and these data of the most common threats resulting from global issues need to be curbed through human known remedies. In case of heart issues, the machines will be a good indicator of patient condition at certain thresholds and global issues like global warming can be eradicated by the adoption of electric engines and the use of algorithms in animal and plant-related illness compactness.
c) Neuralink Technology
Brain surgery is a critical and complicated process. The process requires a high level of precision, and the smallest of errors can be fatal to the patient to the extent of life loss. Neurosurgeons have done this work for years, and the success rate of operation states t

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