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Ancient Plant: Licorice Root (Essay Sample)


Write an essay about the ancient plants listed in class. Select one plant and discuss, its uses, preparation of decotion, and recommendation. Use sources of many years ago. The paper should be a minimum of one page. use apa formatting style. the sources used in the assignment should be at least three.


Licorice Root
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Licorice root, experimentally known as Glycyrrhiza glabra, has a rich history of conventional and verifiable use across different societies, including in early American literature. Licorice root has been profoundly esteemed for its medicinal properties and has been utilized for a long time to treat various sicknesses. In traditional and historical usage, licorice root has been utilized for its soothing and expectorant properties. It has been used to ease respiratory conditions like coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats (Felter, 1898). Licorice root is known to have demulcent and anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist with soothing irritated respiratory passages and reduce coughing. In early American writing, references to licorice root can be tracked down in the writings of herbalists and physicians of the time. For instance, according to Finley Ellingwood (1919), licorice root was often utilized as decoctions, infusions, or syrups.
One fascinating preparation for licorice root is the licorice root decoction. In preparing this 

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