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Benefits Vs Risks Of Nanotechnology: Chemistry, Physics & Engineering (Essay Sample)


Write a 2-page essay on the Benefits and Risks of Nanotechnology.

Benefits versus Risks of Nanotechnology Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Benefits versus Risks of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology defines the scientific study, use, and application of structures whose sizes fall between 1 nanometer (nm) and 100 nanometers in solving physical, chemical, and biological challenges. The modern scientific application of nanotechnology traverses many disciplines including physics, chemistry, engineering, material science, biology, and medicine among others (Wright, 2016). While this field may have various limitations, it is noteworthy that the benefits humanity gains from it far outweigh these risks; furthermore, most of the risks may be overcome as research in the subject continues. The medical benefits of this technology are many. It can be applied in drug delivery, cell repair, and the treatment of various chronic diseases like cancer. When used in drug delivery, nanotechnology increases the effectiveness of treatment by targeting specific locations with the elements to be delivered. Besides improving efficiency, this reduces potential side effects and harm on non-targeted sites in the body. A typical example of this case is the targeting of cancerous cells with chemotherapeutic drugs that do not affect any other cells. Nanorobots could also be used as antibodies in the repair of diseased and damaged body cells (Omidi & Barar, 2014). Overall, the use of nanotechnology presents prospects of easy disease diagnosis and improved intervention measures. All these will go a long way in solving numerous challenges that have continuously troubled humans. In the production of fabrics, manufacturers add nano-sized components to various materials that they use. The result of this is a change in the final product’s physical properties. For example, such an implementation may result in the production of fabrics used in making water and stain repellent clothes. Such clothes do not absorb water anyhow. Neither do they get stained easily. Nanotechnology can also be used to enhance the strength of materials immensely (Bhat, Nanda & Nayak, 2017). An example of this is the use of nano-sized particles of carbon in the production of nanotubes that are placed in bullet proof vests. Such vests easily withstand the immense pressure from bullets. However, various risks and limitations put the use of nanotechnology in question. There is still insufficient research to guarantee health security for complete implementation of the technology in healthcare (Wright, 2016). This means it would risk lives in some cases. It is a high-cost medical venture that many institutions and individuals may not afford. In some cases, the practicality of its implementation is not achievable. However, these are not reasons enough to prevent the exploitation of affirmed benefits. If anything, it is likely that all these challenges will be overcome with time as research goes on. In conclusion, the benefits humanity gains and stands to gain from nanotechnology are many. The subjects aff...
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