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Bone Marrow. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


write an essay about bone marrow?


Bone Marrow is a delicate semi-solid tissue which is located inside most of the bones. Bone Marrow is very important to the human body. The bone marrow is mostly responsible for generation of platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. It is mostly located in medullary cavities, the center of the bones. Moreover, bone marrow is of two types: red and yellow. The red bone marrow, known as myeloid tissue plays a crucial role in the creation of RBC, WBC, and platelets as it consists of blood-forming stem cells. The red bone marrow plays a crucial role in supplanting old red blood cells. The stem cells are those immature cells which can produce a wide range of different cells. The RBC is mainly responsible for regular transportation of oxygen in the human body. Likewise, the WBC is liable for immunity. The WBC battles against diseases, illness, and infections. The yellow bone marrow mostly contains fat. It additionally provides the correct environment for functioning of bones. It is located in the central cavity of bone.

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