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Comparing Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Jagged 1 (Essay Sample)


after writing comparatively on Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Jagged 1, the instructions were to prefer one type of protein over the other


Comparing Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Jagged 1
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Comparing Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Jagged 1
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP-2) are responsible for natural stimulation of bone growth in the human body. Although the bones exist in the body, they can be produced and concentrated for use in the spinal fusion. They, most importantly, create fusion without using an individual’s bone. Despite the significant number of BMPs that naturally occur in the body, researchers have mainly focused on BMP-2 and BMP-7 (Babitt et al., 2006). Not surprisingly, the BMP-2 has shown the capability to successfully stimulate spinal fusion at least equal to the patient’s bones. As implied in the preceding assertions, the chief reasons for using BMP is spinal fusions are to create a spinal fusion that is equal to or better than the patient’s bone and, as a consequence, eliminate the impact of harvesting a bone from a patient’s hip. That reduces the potential risks and complications involved in born harvesting procedures.
Nonetheless, the use of BMP for one type of spinal fusion called the anterior lumbar interbody fusion and is costly. Kulterer et al. (2007) revealed that the recombinant technology used in the production and regulatory approval of this protein is estimated to be at least 200% more expensive than the currently available bone graft alternatives. Also, pharmacists are yet to understand the working mechanism and the side effects that BMPs may produce in the body as they are introduced nearly million times the amount usually found in the body.
On the other hand, JAG1 proteins that have been encoded with JAG1 is similar to the jagged protein in Drosophila. Jagged 1 (JAG1) in human consists in the five ligands for receptors located in the NOTCH signaling pathway determine the cellular outcome. In other words, the signaling pathway is important as a way through which cells signal each other. It remains in many stages of development. There exists physical interaction of extracellular components of JAG1 protein and the corresponding Notch receptor, as stated by Reedijk (2007). The said interaction starts a cascade of proteolytic cleavages causing the trafficking of the original NORCH intracellular domain into the nucleus that leads to the activation of target genes.
Jagged 1 proteins stimulate the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes, and causes differential expression of Notch receptors Jagged 1 throughout thymus. The development of thymus is responsible for the generation of the different types of CD4 to CD8 cell ratios. Reedijk, M. (2007) observed that the process of Notch-signaling determines how individual cells in a growing embryo such as those destined to be heart, liver, ears, eyes, and spinal column cells. However, there is a major drawback in the use of Jagged 1 proteins. Notably, JAG1 genes undergo point mutations which cause Alagille syndrome. Alagille syndrome causes paucity in intrahepatic bile ducts.
In conclusion, one cannot precisely choose Bone Mor...
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