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Effects Of Environmental Pollution On The Biosphere (Essay Sample)


The task was about finding out the effects of the environmental pollution on the world's biosphere. The sample has elucidated the various factors that have contributed to environmental pollution.


Effects of environmental pollution on the biosphere
George Wagaka
A safer cleaner biosphere is an ideal place for living organisms to live. On the contrary, a polluted environment poses untold risks to its phytoplankton, zooplanktons, animal, and plants in general. The advent of manufacturing industries has contributed immensely to enormous environmental pollution. Emission of corrosive, fatal chemicals from factories have affected various facets of life. Most of these factories are located in the industrialized world. The heavily polluted cities in the globe are located in Europe and Asia. Beijing city in China is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Pollution causes acute and chronic respiratory ailments to the human population. From the foregoing, it is instructive to note that, wanton pollution of the biosphere will in the future lead to the decimation of human beings and its fauna and flora.
Effects of environmental pollution on the world’s biosphere
The Biosphere is an area or region within an ecosystem where life is possible. Environmental pollution is a sore in the thumb of developed, newly developed, and developing nations. Its causes, effects, or ramifications are being felt globally. Manufacturing industries are the major pollutants due to the myriad of chemical substances that they emit to the biosphere (Petkewich, 2009).
Global warming is now a common phenomenon and is the cause of erratic climate change. Forest destruction due to lumbering has led to the increased Carbon (IV) Oxide emission. Various International treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol were enacted by governments globally in order to tame the effects/ causes of climate change. These pollutants have led to the depletion of the ozone layer, emergence of lethal or fatal skin ailments, crop failure, gradual submersion of islands, ocean floods, abrupt change of seasons, melting of polar ice, and global warming.
Ozone layer (O3) i...
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