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Biological: The Importance Of Forests In An Ecosystem (Essay Sample)


the task was about the Importance of forests in an ecosystem. The sample has listed various merits of forests in an ecosystem.


Importance of forests in an ecosystem
George Wagaka
A forest ecosystem provides an enabling environment for both plant and animal life to nourish. It regulates and maintains the balance of nature. For instance, carbon (IV) oxide and oxygen concentrations are regulated and recycled. This act reduces the harmful effects of greenhouse gases percolating into the atmosphere and causing global warming. Hydrological, nitrogen and carbon cycles are efficiently and effectively changed to various states for use in the habitat. The importance of forests in an ecosystem far outstrips its demerits.
Importance of forests in an ecosystem
A stand of trees makes up a forest. Amazon forest is a rain forest, well-known for its outstanding fauna and flora. Other forests exist in large acreage in other parts of the globe. The role played by forests in the biosphere cannot be underrated. Forests are part of the gifts that nature provides free of all living organisms (biota) and abiota. They act as wind breakers, suitable catchment area for various rivers/ lakes/ streams, reduces surface run- off, provides food for living organisms, acts as habitats for wild animals, and balances gaseous exchange in the biosphere (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2006).
Various rivers, lakes, streams originate from forests. The trees trap underground water and raise its water table. After the water table rises, the water therein flows to the surface and sources of water bodies. These water systems provide water for both domestic and industrial use. Rivers, streams, and lakes act as a habitat for marine life such as fish, algae, and other marine-based organisms: phytoplankton and zooplanktons.
Some trees are beneficial for medicinal purposes while others bring forth fruits, seeds, and leaves which are edible (or can be used as food). For instance, wild berries, guavas, wild bananas, wild grapes, and wild apples. Wild animals such as monkeys, gorillas, ants, termites, birds, snakes, and lizards find refuge in the trees. Birds build their nests in the trees, monkeys and gorillas live in the trees away from their predators, and snakes coils and rests on the branches of the trees.
The Second Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (1995) reported that trees reduce surface run-off. The forest provides a canopy which permits only a limited amount of precipitation to fall on its floor. This ensures that the rich, fertile topsoil laden with humus is not washed away by moving water bodies. The roots of the trees hold firmly the soil particles together thus the topsoil remains intact.
Schmitt et al. (2009) found out that trees have an elaborate means of gaseous exchange. The lenticels on some stems and stomata on the leaves provide a spectacular way of balancing oxygen and Carbon (IV) Oxide in the plant. During the day, stomata on the leaves release oxygen into the ...
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