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Discussion Board Post (Essay Sample)

How has learning about the history of research ethics impacted your view of biomedical research? In looking at the studies you reviewed for your PICOT question, do you feel that today’s researchers adequately protect the rights of human subjects? If not, what additional measures do you recommend? My PICOT question: P (Population and problem) – Inadequate nurse staffing in Hospitals. I (Intervention) – Establishing an incentive to increase staffing levels of nurses within a unit. C (Comparison) – Offering altered schedules to accommodate nurses’ professional and personal needs, offering a pay incentive, enhancing work benefits. O (Outcome) – Increased patient satisfaction, lower readmission cases, reduced nurse burnouts, and reduced length of stay in healthcare facilities. T (Timeframe) – 1 year. source..
Insert Title Here Author Affiliation Course Number Course Name Instructor Due date Discussion Board Post Accessing and analyzing information about ethics in the field of research has greatly affected my perspective of biomedical research. Although investigators could commit themselves to adhere to ethical standards when conducting investigations, some specialists could disregard some of these rules in the course of their studies. As Paul (2018) contends, informed consent primarily handles ethical issues that could arise in the context of subject and researcher interactions. I have realized the importance of investigators allowing patients to offer their consent before the commencement of studies. Protecting subjects' rights in biomedical research implies that investigators comply with policies, rules, and ethical guidelines when interacting with patients. I have reviewed several published in line with my PICOT question. Overall, I have learned investigators are adopting measures that sufficiently protect the rights of human subjects. However, they can improve the extent to which they promote patients' rights by adopting better approaches to protecting confidentiality. As an illustration, many studies involve researchers using conventional or routine procedures to maintain data privacy (Mc Cord, 2018). Some of these normal precautions could be locking data in cabinets. One of the best improvements might be transiting to data encryption as well as other statistical approaches, for example, error inoculation. Another measure that researchers can improve the protection of the rights of patients in studies is reviewing ethical and professional policies and procedures regularly. Thes...
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