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Frankenstein and Dracula use of monstrosity to present social and political critiques (Essay Sample)

The link ( ) Article Review (scientific journals) It should include the following: 1. Identification of the article (author, title of article, title of journal, year of publication, and other details that appear important), and the major aspects of the article you are discussing. 2. A brief summary of the contents, range, and argument of the article. 3. Give a final evaluation of the overall contribution that the article has made to your understanding of the topic. 4. What is the importance of the topic and how does it contribute to the field of Genetics and what we are studying? 5. It should be in your own words but not in colloquial language. Make sure that the report is grammatically correct, and there are no spelling errors. Have a title page with the name of the article, name of the course, and your name source..
Assessment 2 Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Article Review The article, “Occurrence of Novel Groups of the Domain Bacteria” by Liesack and Stackebrandt seeks to unravel the existence of the bacterial diversity. The research problem being addressed is whether there exist new compositions of microbial communities in terrestrial environments. It is clear from the abstract that the question is worth pursuing. This is because analysis of genetic material of samples obtained from isolated environmental habitat has been successful as witnessed by the finding of new bacteria families in aquatic environment. The goal of the research was to use 16S rDNA sequencing and taxon-specific nucleic acid probe in its method to reveal the diversity of prokaryotes (p.5072). The data analysis was carried out from a sample with 300 nucleotides from each of the 30 cloned partial 16S rDNA and consequently extended to analysis of selected clones from a 1000 nucleotide sample. The results from phylogenetic analysis found two one group and five sequences of bacteria clones that could not fit in any taxa. The α-2 probacterial clones were related to nitrogen-fixing bacteria of the α-2 subclass while the planctomycete clones showed similarity with family Plancto-mycetaeae. The author argues that the very existence of planctomycete in a randomly collected soil sample is unexpected as they are only known to survive in aquatic environment. The author accounts for some divergences from the expected results by attributing it to the elevated mutation rate of 16 rDNA as observed in culturable planctomycete. The author argues that in a sample of 25 clones, they found 5 clones that could not be convincingly identified by phylogenetic analysis while the rest had their sequence information unavailable. Clearly, from the result, the article can be deemed to have successfully achieved its goal. The article was useful in helping me understand the technique of identifying bacteria. The author gives a detailed procedure of the 16S rDNA sequencing and taxon-specific nucleic acid probe method. The article provides for the analysis technique which was useful in the understanding of selective identification of the differences and similarities in the bacterial communities. The report also shares information on the various bacterial types existing in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. The article helped in the understanding of the molecular cloning technique in microorganisms. Research shows tons of microscopic bacteria that are active in the soil. Some are beneficial while others are destructive. Most researchers agree tha...
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