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Genitourinary Disorder: Epididymitis (Essay Sample)


The task was about genitourinary disorders. The student was required to select a genitouribary disorder and justify the diagnostic evaluation and treatment using two peer-reviewed references. The student was asked to pick a disorder of choice. the disorder chosen for the paper was epididymitis which is the inflammation of the epididymis


The epididymis is a body structure attached to the backside of the testis within the scrotum. It is the colloid segment of the spermatic ducts that function as the storage area for the sperm. It stores the spermatozoa till maturation is when they are released. Epididymitis is the inflammation of the epididymis due to infections. The origin of the infection is often the urethra, bladder of the prostate. The risk factors for epididymitis include recent urinary tract surgery, high-risk sexual activities, history of sexually transmitted infections, previous Urinary tract infections, history of an enlarged

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