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The Four Concepts of The Nursing Metaparadigm (Person, Nursing, Environment, And Health) (Essay Sample)


The paper will be based upon the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (person, nursing, environment, and health).
The prompts to be utilized:
• Begin with an introduction to your topic
• Compare and contrast two nursing theorists ( Jean Watson and Florence Nightingale) and note/explain how they inform your philosophy of nursing.
• Elaborate using your personal definition for each of the concepts and how they fit into your unique nursing philosophy
• Compare and contrast the philosophies of two health systems of your choice, i.e. Jackson Health System, Baptist Health, Cleveland Clinic, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) or TENET and note/explain how their philosophies are demonstrated in the workplace.
• Generate a concise reflective summary in the first person in which you include (1) what you learned from the assignment, (2) how it will impact your practice in the future, and (3) any recommendations you would make.


Nursing metaparadigm
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Nursing metaparadigm
A metaparadigm is a system in which a discipline uses theories and concepts for its proper and effective functioning. Therefore, a nursing metaparadigm is a system in the nursing discipline where nurses provide high-quality services by remaining attentive to patients' conditions to help come up with interventions that will yield wellness. There are four concepts of nursing metaparadigm: person, environment, health, and nursing. The three concepts that focus on the patients include person, environment, and health. Nursing is a concept that involves the nursing care team, mainly on their roles, functions, and goals.

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