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Health Policies: The Affordable Care Act (Essay Sample)


To examine and discuss the relationship of health policy, regulatory requirements, and economics impacting the nursing profession and client outcomes by researching a health policy topic.
Assignment Overview:
1. Visit the following website: Health Affairs
2. On the top navigational tab, click on Topics
3. Click on View All Topics
4. Select and review any topic that interests you
5. Once you have reviewed the chosen topic, answer the five questions below
a. Review the grading rubric.
b. Review each question prior to answering as you will need to search for additional credible resources to support your response with a thorough explanation. Be sure to cite your sources.


Healthy Policy
Students’ Name
Instructors’ Name
Due Date
Healthy Policy
Identify the health policy topic from the Health Affairs website you have chosen to focus
on for this assignment.
The Affordable Care Act is the health policy issue on the Health Affairs website. The Affordable Care Act is a healthcare reform bill that went into effect in 2010. The Affordable Care Act aims to provide all Americans with affordable, high-quality health care. The Cheap Care Act has many features to make health care more affordable and accessible to all Americans. The Affordable Care Act is a complicated and contentious healthcare policy, and its efficacy is widely debated. However, the Affordable Care Act is a critical piece of healthcare legislation that has the potential to enhance the lives of many Americans.
I am interested in this issue because, as a young adult, I am aware that many young individuals do not have health insurance. I feel this is an issue since young people are more prone than other age groups to get ill or wounded. I also feel that young individuals should access health care to maintain their health and productivity.
The role of regulatory agencies is to protect the public by ensuring that health care providers and facilities are safe and meet certain quality standards.
There are several federal, state, and municipal regulatory agencies in the United States. Each agency has its own set of policies and procedures. The creation of new medications and treatments is the health policy that I have decided to investigate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the primary regulatory body approving new pharmaceuticals and treatments. According to World Health Organization (2021), the FDA is in charge of assuring the

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