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Hemophilia: Stating its Effects, Signs and Symptoms (Essay Sample)


the task was to discuss a genetic disorder, hemophilia stating its effects, signs and symptoms, control and prevention as well as the known treatment therapies.


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Thrombocytes deficiency in circulating blood reduces the blood clotting capabilities in case of an injury this condition is hemophilia. Hemophilia is sex-linked to the X chromosome. Blood fail to clot due to the lack of the anti-hemophilic factor. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that is hereditary from the parents to the offspring through horizontal genetic transfer. It is most prevalent among men. Hemophilia has two major types; hemophilia A and B. Hemophilia A forms due to the changes in the F8 gene. This is the gene responsible for making of the coagulation factor VIII protein. And hemophilia B is formed when the F9 gene undergoes mutation.
Effects of hemophilia on the body system
Hemophilia has an effect on some of the major systems found in the human body; such as the digestive, immune and the musculoskeletal systems. Hemophiliac individual usually takes clotting factor proteins to accelerate their blood clotting process. The immune system at times produces antibodies against the clotting factor proteins. And they get neutralized rendering them useless. Hemophilia causes gum bleeding. The intake of aspirin also causes bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. The musculoskeletal systems are the most affected. Hermathrosis arises due to excessive bleeding of tissues in the joints. Blood accelerates degradation of joint cartilages.
Symptoms are usually internal and external bleeding episodes that are commonly called bleeds. They vary depending on the severity of hemophilia. Severe hemophilia has more episodes of bleeds unlike mild hemophilia. The symptoms include: unexplained and excessive bleeding, presence of large and many bruises, pain and swelling of the joints, the presence of blood in urine and stool, irritability in infants, prolonged headaches and extreme fatigue.
Prevention and control
So far, hemophilia has limited prevention and control methods. And they include; giving Hepatitis B vaccine to infants at the early stages and limited consumption of aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Children born...
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