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Research and Describe Professionalism in the Medical Office (Essay Sample)


Professionalism in a medical office


Professionalism in the Medical Office
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Professionalism in the Medical Room
Professionalism is simply the competence and skills required of a profession. It comprises of consistent and careful use of proper communication, understanding, practical skills, emotions, ethics and reflections for the advantage of the individual and the society at large. Additionally, professionalism is a code of conduct that every profession should possess to guide their ethics while serving their clients. In the field of medicine, professionalism is the relationship between medicine and the society forming a cordial link between the patient and the physician (Collier, 2012). Professionalism is necessary in the medical field as it encourages a patient to be open and trust the physicians during treatment. Patients want to feel comfortable and confident around professional physicians. This essay focuses on instances in which professionalism is employed in medical office. Some of ethics in a medical field include: honesty, confidentiality, proper communication, respect and accountability to the dignity of the patient.
Honesty is the virtue of telling the truth. In the medical service, honesty is important especially because medical practitioners handle sensitive matters and also deal with patients in difficult situations. Being honest also leads to good relationship with the patients. Honesty as a professional ethic for medics dictates that uttermost level of truth is maintained between patients and physicians (Rosin, 2009). For example a patient suffering from the last stage of cancer, one can avoid disclosing it with fear of the implication it will have to the patient. It is always right to inform the patient the accurate diagnosis but in a polite and good way to avoid accelerating the agony. Honesty builds up a relationship between the doctor and the patient, whereby the patient can easily trust the physician.
Confidentiality is a vital professional ethic in the medical field. It is ethical for physicians to keep the patients information confidential. It is every person’s right to confidentiality especially on matters regarding their medical conditions. Physicians should restrict medical information of their patients only to authorized persons who maintain the health-records. This means that the information should not be disseminated and disclosed to any other individual or organization unless there are circumstances requiring distribution or with the patients consent (Collier, 2012). Patients routinely share confidential information with their physicians and if privacy is not protected, the trust between the patient and the physician will be lost. In instances where patients cannot confine to physicians, patients will not share sensitive information, leading to wrong diagnosis. If physicians create a confidential platform by respecting their patient’s privacy, they will encourage them to seek medical care.
Proper communication with patients is also another professional ethic in the medical office. Physicians being friendly to the patients give them a sense of love and appreciation no matter what they are going through. This also helps the patient to communicate the relevant information about an illness and the physicians will be enabled to give proper diagnosis. A patient should be recognized immediately,...
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