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Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to discuss the role of molecular biology in evolutionary classification


Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
Ever since Charles Darwin advanced the theory of evolution to explain the relatedness between organisms, much has occurred that has served to further advance the theory. Whereas the comparative anatomy as espoused by Darwin at the time may have been inadequate to account for all the variations amongst living things, the discovery of molecular biology provided better and more persuasive evidence for evolution (Bock, 1977).
Molecular Biology
Molecular biology refers to the study of activity and structure of the macromolecules necessary for life (CK-12, n.d.). Genetics is a critical area of research in molecular biology. Because of limitations in the technology used to examine cells in living things in the early 19th century, Darwin and his peers could only predict that a similarity between organisms at the subatomic level would be discovered in future. And, true to their estimation, more complex structures have been unearthed in the cell with each advancement in technology that has allowed us a glimpse further into the cell.
All living organisms contain genes that consist of Deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA). The DNA has four nucleotides, A, T C and G within each gene that code for proteins. Because DNA is universal to all living organisms, it provides conclusive proof that all living organisms are descended from a common ancestor (CK-12, n.d.).
Evolutionary classification

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