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How to transport dynamite safely. Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Essay Sample)


as an environmental coordinator for a demolishing company, identify the proper placarding, labeling and shipping documents needed to transport dynamite sticks and measures to take when the vehicle with the dynamite is involved in an accident.


How To Transport Dynamite And
Measures Taken During Accidents.
Student’s Name
How To Transport Dynamite And
Measures Taken During Accidents
Dynamite is an unstable explosive making its transportation a very delicate process. There are some safety measures put in place by the U. S Department Of Transportation (DOT) to reduce the risk of harm. The vehicle is first checked if it’s in good condition before placarding. Dynamite is classified as Class I explosives hence the transport vehicle should have orange, diamond-shaped safety placards that are visible indicating that it contains explosive materials(Transport of explosive materials in vehicles, 2003).
The placards should be placed on all the sides of the vehicle. Conspicuous labels with the manufacturer’s name and number must also be on the vehicle. 

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