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Advantages of Human Resource Management & Training Development Process (Essay Sample)


One of the functions of Human Resource Management in the organization is the training and development of employees. In a 300-word essay, discuss the advantages of the training and development process. the paper should follow apa format and should not contain grammartical errors. any paper submitted after the deadline will be awarded 0.


Advantages of Human Resource Management (HRM) Training and Development Process
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Advantages of Human Resource Management (HRM) Training and Development Process
Given the ever-growing competition in contemporary business world, many organizations recognize employee training and development as one of the best ways to achieve sustainable performance and competitiveness. For that reason, training and development has become an important spot for organizations seeking for continual growth and sustainable performance. As a human resource function, training and development offers a range of benefits to employees by equipping them with key knowledge, nurturing the right attitudes of behavior, and developing important technical skills to increase their adaptation to new conditions in their workplace environments.
Different training methods adopted by organizations provide an opportunity to build knowledge by teaching skills deemed necessary to perform under specific tasks. On the other hand, employee development centers on preparing employees to assume certain roles in the future (Kriemadis & Kourtesopoulou, 2018). Organizations which provide employee training and development are more likely to realize increased profits compared to those that do not offer such opportunities (Brahmana et al., 2018). The development and implementation of employee training and development programs can result in higher productivity, increased job commitment, and reduced turnover rates. Employees tend to feel valued in organizations that provide opportunities for personal and career development. Organizations that provide forward-looking training and development stands at a better competitive position over those that offer fewer or no opportunities for skill and knowledge development.
Today, many organizations use training and development as a growth strategy and a means towards continuous quality improvement. Human resource management must increasingly focus on identifying knowledge and skills gaps and providing tailored programs that seek to address these gaps to help their organizations achieve their performance expectations. By providing the right employee training and development, businesses are set to realize big payoffs in terms of increased productivity and performance, greater work commitment, and reduced tur

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