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Age Diversity Climate in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


the instructions included defining Age diversity climate in the workplace, providing Methods for managing age diversity in the workplace, discussing reasonable accommodation and undue hardship, and providing recommendation on What can employers do to provide opportunity for people with disabilities?


Age Diversity Climate
Institution Affiliation
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Age diversity climate in the workplace
In most cases when diversity in place of work is discussed, cultural background, gender, and race are the one that frequently pop in to peoples mind. However, age is an aspect of diversity that is often overlooked. Due to greater life expectancy, it is usual for organizations to have a workforce made up of more than three generations (Boehm, Kunze, & Bruch, 2013). Therefore, when it comes to age diversity, it is important for companies to acknowledge and address the requirements of an age-varied workforce and give workers experience that proactively supplies to their different needs. According to the studies conducted, job security, salary, and base pay are the top retention and attraction drivers for employees across all the age groups. However, opportunities and career advancement are key considerations for millennials. Mature workers value stability while younger workers value priorities the opportunity to learn new skills (Boehm, Kunze, & Bruch, 2013). Mature employees tend to value work relationship with their managers and supervisors and comprehend this as a main factor contributing to work satisfaction.
Older and millennials employees above 55 years are usually alleged to be more challenging to engage than the other age group. But this myth was debunked by global data that showed on average these groups are more engaged, more positive about training opportunities and more satisfied with their jobs (Boehm, Kunze, & Bruch, 2013). As such it is important for a company to understand the unique needs for a dissimilar labor force and avoid making broad, sweeping generalizations influenced on age. Although, within the wide generational group, the requirements of workers are also diverse based on other factors such as tenure with the company, job level and job type.
Methods for managing age diversity in the workplace
Celebrating achievements
Celebrating achievements is one way of managing age diversity in place of work. Both large and small 

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