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Analysis of Dove Body Wash Advertisement (Essay Sample)


Analyse an advertisement image


Image Analysis
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Image Analysis.
The Dove Body Wash Advert.
The Dove body wash is a personal care product from Unilever's skincare brand. In other terms, it is a packaged cosmetic product. Dove Body Washer advert is often a popular beauty body shampoo advertisement intended for women's audience. It may be purchased in more than Eighty countries throughout the world. There are 13 countries on six continents that produce it; therefore, the advert is also aimed at women in a global context (Brooks, Chanland, & Cox, 2020). In this case, for a company to expand its market share in countries where it does not manufacture its products, it must develop the right image on the advertisement plan. In short, this paper will offer a critical advertisement analysis of the Dove body wash by assessing its targeted women audience, global context, and the essential beauty purpose.
The Unilever corporation limited is the company that owns the Dove brand and it recognized that the advertising efforts had an important impact on women (Duffy, 2010). According to a 2004 report, the majority of women struggle with self-acceptance issues; however, in the media, idealized beauty is often portrayed in a skewed sense (Brooks et al., 2020). As one of Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," the advert image aims to eliminate the preconceptions fostered by traditional advertising channels by showing the body wash's advantages as real. According to the advert, the body wash is a product that can be used by all ladies, regardless of their physical appearance.
Many cosmetic businesses often use celebrities whose appearances are superior to those of the average lady who would later use the product represented in the advertisement image. Therefore, customers are left with a misleading impression (Duffy, 2010). The use of cosmetic goods promoted in a generalized way for a long time would be a dissatisfaction since the product cannot change the consumer's appearance to match the celebrities' appearance presented. A developing dissatisfaction with the product results from the disparity between expectations and realities. The Dove body wash advert image is considered to be exceptional, and does not use celebrities to portray its message to women (Duffy, 2010). Women of various physical appearances can use the Dove body wash, which is part of a female product range marketed as more of a universal brand. It promotes self-acceptance and personality by promoting the concept that beauty is subjective and distinctive. A woman does not have to emulate the artificial beauty marketed by the advert image.
Apart from the social elements of beauty, the advert focuses on other elements of beauty as far as women are concerned. It explains in clear terms what the body wash can do, with little or no exaggeration whatsoever (Duffy, 2010). In addition, this advert image reflects the dependability of women to the Dove's body wash. Since the product is designed to meet the diverse requirements of all ladies, regardless of ethnicity or appearance, the advert features real women rather than 

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