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Apple Company Strategies To Delivering Superior Customer Value (Essay Sample)


The task was to go online and research apple company in depth to determine their strategies to delivering superior customer value.


Experimental Internet Exercise
Value proposition is a strategy that companies use to attract customers to purchase their products. Apple's value proposition convinces the customers that their products are the best in the market so that they can buy them. Apple was the first company to create convenient and powerful smart phones with touch screens. Customers tended to think that the first company in the market would be the best producers of smartphones. Also, the phones they produced had a unique design and ISO operating system that made it stand out from its rivals (Osrewalder & Pigneur, 2014). Moreover, the phones apps were connected to business like Nike, and Facebook, that rendered Apple company to be the strongest in the world hence more customers became aware of the company's strength and its products. The other strength of this company is that its customer services are the best as they have enough shop assistants in their stores helping the customers. if the customers are not satisfied with the products, the can still return the products even after a few months. Also, whenever the products has problems, the company always try to fix it cost free even when the product is not under guarantee, hence delivering high customer excellence.
Apple's customer service model enables their employees approach their customers with a personalized and warm welcome when they visit their stores, they probe politely for them to understand the needs of those customers (Gentile & Spiller, 2017). they also provide the customers with viable solutions by listening to the customers carefully and then giving the customers viable options to choose from. They then end with a fond farewell and also invite them to return when they have any issues that needs assistance from the company. Apple's realigned they product strategy based on simplicity and premium user experience concepts. The product strategy is at the heart of the company

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