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Benefits and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Globally (Essay Sample)


Chapter 13 - Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management
Part1.(A) Describe at least 2 benefits of an organization outsourcing its production overseas/globally? (B) Describe at least 2 disadvantages of outsourcing?
Part2: (A) Describe an example of a company that opted to outsource its global production. (B) Discuss situations or reasons why the company/business might not want to pursue global production.
Reminder: Your response to Chapter 13 must be at least 150-word minimum, replying to all the above questions to earn full credit for this portion of the initial discussion questi


Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management
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Question 1.
Cost savings. Renting a production plant and its employees is generally less expensive than preserving them scratch. This is particularly true if the production plant is situated in a country with the lowest manual labour and living expenses than the United States. In order to produce goods, numerous purchase agreement companies make assistance. They may also store and ship your products as well as charge you for the space or services you use. The access to low foreign labor is among the most substantial benefits of outsourcing. Excise duties and duty reductions, as well as availability of local market segments, can be additional financial incentives to shift manufacturing abroad. Outsourcing can also help you save money. There are numerous mobile phone help desks for US 

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