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Importance of Marketing on Company's Strategic Plan (Essay Sample)


Below is the PowerPoint from class the other day, and what we went over. He wants a summary in one page what I learned written in APA format. Please follow instructions one page only. He wants to grasp that we have an understanding about what we talked about in class. 


Company and Marketing strategy.
Marketing builds customer engagement and value through partnering with the company and its marketing strategy through developing a strategic plan. It involves a strategic fit of a company's objectives, capabilities, and varying marketing opportunities. The strategic plan includes long-term survival and growth strategies found in the company mission, set goals or objectives, business portfolio, and functional places.
The goals and objectives from the company's mission communicate why the company exists and what it is anticipating to achieve at large. An effective company mission is market-oriented, motivating, specific, realistic, and market environment consistent to communicate the products and business making up the 

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