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Code of Ethics: Honesty, Accountability, Respect, and Integrity (Essay Sample)


Your assignment is to develop your own mission and virtues that allows you to live by your words
1. Introduction that presents your one sentence mission STATEment as a person in business
2.identify and discuss the virtues that are the most important to 3-4 virtues from the list on table 7-3 virtues that support business transactions
3.presenr your code of ethics with a short description of the behaviours you will demonstrate with each post
4. Discuss in one paragraph how well you believe you live this code now and if there are changes you want to make as you go forward in your career


Code of Ethics Paper
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As an individual in business, I aim to be an asset to my organization, colleagues, and customers by delivering reliable and ethical services.
My first virtue is honesty. Honesty is essential for any successful business transaction. It is the cornerstone of a successful business relationship, building trust between the parties involved (Giorgin et al., 2015). I learned this lesson early in my career and strived to maintain honesty in all my business dealings. Honesty means being truthful, open, and transparent with customers, colleagues, and partners. It is essential to be available to criticism and take responsibility for mistakes. It is also important to be truthful about our intentions and capabilities. Being honest allows us to develop meaningful relationships with our customers, as they can trust us to provide reliable services. Honesty is vital in terms of maintaining a good reputation. If a company is dishonest, it will quickly get a bad reputation, and customers will be less likely to trust it. This can lead to lost business and a decrease in profits. On the other hand, a company that is honest and reliable will gain customers' trust and loyalty, leading to increased profits and success. In addition, honesty is essential in creating a healthy work environment. Honest and open employees with their colleagues are more likely to develop solid relationships and be more productive in their work (Giorgin et al., 2015). A work environment where honesty is valued will also lead to better communication and collaboration between colleagues, resulting in higher productivity and better results. Overall, honesty is a crucial element in business success. It is essential to develop trust with customers, maintain a good reputation, and create 

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