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Benefits of Creating an Entrepreneurial Endeavour Within an Organization (Essay Sample)


A warm welcome to this week's forum. We will have a total of 4-5 threads, so you can spread your posts across these over the week. Some threads will have dedicated follow-up questions, for those who might come late into the forum and still want to contribute. The readings provided for session 01 and 02 will come in helpful. Since there is no case this week, just the simulation, so the forum will rely heavily on your ability to bring content, experiences, and examples from the outside in. Let's smoothly get the conversation started:
Think corporate entrepreneurship, what benefits does an individual creating their entrepreneurial endeavor within an organization have versus someone outside of an organization creating his/ her startup?
A good post - covers one strong argument or expands one (and not many) and explains a true benefit CE delivers. Think of it this way.. what could a startupper be jealous about? You should add color to your post by making your point concrete: add an example or link, a reference to its applicability for specific industries, corporate size, geography, a reason why startups don't have that advantage, personal experience, etc.
Please dont quote any references and in the event you choose to refer to an article make sure you paraphrase.


Benefits Of Creating and Entrepreneurial Endeavour Within An Organization
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Individuals creating their entrepreneurial endeavors within an organization have more advantages than those advancing their ambitions outside the organization. Most corporate entities have developed a culture of encouraging employees and providing them with the relevant skills to build their entrepreneurial skills. An example is when an organization allows employees and other members to fix things without permission. This process encourages creativity and allows the entrepreneur to gain self-confidence in developing and actualizing strategies (García-Vidal et al., 2019). In addition, organizations provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to learn the appropriate ways of actualizing dreams. Organizations also help entrepreneurs develop a personal connection with the success of the business they 

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