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Business analysis Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


You are a marketing assistant for a marketing agency located in Surry Hills –
Sydney. You have been asked to develop a Marketing Plan for [Do not select
your own brand – Use the same brand/company from Assessment 2].
Use the findings from Assessment 2 to complete this assignment.
In this assessment, you are required to include:
• A brief business background, including its location, the industry and market it
operates in and a brief description of its products and services.
• A situation analysis that includes:
i. A PESTLE analysis of the macro-environment to identify and explain at
least five (5) external factors that may directly impact the business
and/or broadly impact the industry your client is in. Identify any trends
that may influence both marketers’ and customers’ future decisions.
ii. An analysis of the micro-environment including competitors, suppliers,
staff, intermediaries, and customers and explain at least five (5)
internal factors that may directly impact the future of the business.
iii. An analysis of at least two (2) competitor product/services, whether
they are direct or indirect competitors and what makes them
competitors to the product/service under review.
iv. A SWOT analysis (derived from the macro and micro findings above)
including at least: three (3) internal strengths, three (3) internal
weaknesses, three (3) opportunities and three (3) threats.
v. Develop a buyer persona applying two (2) variables for each of the
following segmentation elements: demographics, geographics,
psychographics and behavioural elements.
vi. Creation of a positioning map using the two main competitors identified
• Analysis of the current Marketing Mix variables that include applications of:
i. Product strategy:
Identification/suggestion of the three levels of product
Identification/suggestion of the product portfolio (width, depth
and lines)
ii. Pricing strategies
Application/suggestion of at least 02 (two) relevant pricing
strategies that may be used and associated
iii. Placement
Identification/suggestion of at least 01 (one)
marketing/distribution channel strategy used and apply
associated terminologies/concepts.
iv. Promotions
Identification and description of at least 05 (five) promotional
tools used by the business including relevant application of
associated terminologies /concepts.
• Recommendations
i. Identify at least 2 (two) marketing recommendations based on the
situational analysis and applying key concepts and marketing principles
covered in the modules. These recommendations should relate to
any/or all of the elements of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place,
Promotion). You may also include discussion of the targeting,
positioning and branding if changes are recommended.


Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc42775249 \h 3PESTLE Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc42775250 \h 3i.Political factor: PAGEREF _Toc42775251 \h 3ii.Economic factor: PAGEREF _Toc42775252 \h 3iii.Social factor: PAGEREF _Toc42775253 \h 4iv.Technology factor: PAGEREF _Toc42775254 \h 4v.Legal factors: PAGEREF _Toc42775255 \h 4vi.Environmental factors: PAGEREF _Toc42775256 \h 5Five forces model: PAGEREF _Toc42775257 \h 5i.Rivalry among existing organization: PAGEREF _Toc42775258 \h 5ii.Threats of new entrants: PAGEREF _Toc42775259 \h 5iii.Bargaining power of the buyers: PAGEREF _Toc42775260 \h 5iv.Bargaining power of suppliers: PAGEREF _Toc42775261 \h 6v.Threats of substitute products: PAGEREF _Toc42775262 \h 6An analysis Coles and Aldi product: PAGEREF _Toc42775263 \h 6SWOT Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc42775264 \h 71Strength PAGEREF _Toc42775265 \h 72Weakness: PAGEREF _Toc42775266 \h 83Opportunities: PAGEREF _Toc42775267 \h 84Threats: PAGEREF _Toc42775268 \h 8Segmentation: PAGEREF _Toc42775269 \h 8i.Demographic: PAGEREF _Toc42775270 \h 9ii.Geographical: PAGEREF _Toc42775271 \h 9iii.Psychographic: PAGEREF _Toc42775272 \h 9Positioning Map: PAGEREF _Toc42775273 \h 9Marketing Mix Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc42775274 \h 10a)Product Strategy of Woolworths: PAGEREF _Toc42775275 \h 10b)Woolworths Pricing Strategy: PAGEREF _Toc42775276 \h 10c)Woolworths Place Strategy: PAGEREF _Toc42775277 \h 11d)Woolworths Promotion Strategy: PAGEREF _Toc42775278 \h 11Recommendation: PAGEREF _Toc42775279 \h 11References PAGEREF _Toc42775280 \h 13
Woolworths or Woolies is a large chain of Australian general stores and supermarkets that is owned by Woolworths Group. Headquartered in Melbourne, the association was established 95 years prior in 1924 and has developed exponentially in its operations. The association has expertise in packaging food, vegetables, meat, and organic products – yet additionally deals in magazines, family unit items, pet supplies, and beauty and health items. Woolworths has likewise started an online store where end clients can advantageously arrange various items easily. At present, the association has above 1,000 stores across Australia and utilizes more than 100,000 representatives. (Woolworths Group, 2020)
PESTLE Analysis:
Woolworths Limited PESTEL examination is a vital instrument to investigate the significant scale condition of the association. PESTEL represents - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal variables that sway the microenvironment of Woolworths Limited.
Changes in the microenvironment elements can directly affect the Woolworths Limited as well as can affect different players in the Food and Staples Retailing. (PESTLE analysis, 2019)
* Political factor:
Australia is a politically steady nation, and there is a decrease in industry corruption. It has been distinguished that different political variables are expanding the vulnerability for Woolworths. Be that as it may, the debasement rate in Australia is declining at a quicker pace, which is useful for Woolworths to lessen its cost base. Furthermore, Woolworths follow different state alcohol laws and natural laws to guarantee the fruitful running of its tasks in the business. Moreover, plastic bags usage related law make the industry to shift from plastic bag packaging towards the alternative packages, the ultimate effect on the cost of the product.

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