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Business Case Process for Fashion Trends (Essay Sample)


Business case process for Fashion Trends
A business case is a project management file that seeks to justify the rewards against the cost of undertaking a project and the reason why the project should be conducted. As an appointed team leader in planning a fundraising event for Fashion Trends, there is a need to identify the best event option to show Fashion Trends that this is a sound investment. This report outlines the information that I would place into the business case.
The business problem to solve
The event at hand is a fundraising event. Therefore, the main objective is how much money can be collected. Usually, the option with the biggest chance to collect more funds with negligible environmental degradation is the most preferred. The brainstormed ideas shall be keenly analyzed to give a precise alternative for the fundraising event with maximum outcomes.
The alternative solutions
The first option of carrying out the fundraising event at Waterloo Park has the advantage of the parking space nearby and the flexibility for food vendors/trucks to set up temporary food tents. The total revenue expected is to the tune of $100,000 

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