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Business Ethic problem (Essay Sample)

Business Ethic problem source..
Name Institution Course Date Business Ethic problem Introduction Consequentialism is a type of theories of normative ethics that states that the consequences of a person determine the final basis for every judgment regarding a person’s rightness in regards to that conduct. As per the consequentialist point, a morally and good act is one that leads to the production of a good consequence or outcome. This theory is said that the ends explain the means (Mendola, Joseph, 54). The case at hand is one, which requires the use of this theory. Katie is a worker who is diligent in her work, and she wants the best for her customers. This is an aspect that as per her views was to bring a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest involves a fixed circumstance that may lead to the creation of a risk that professional actions or judgment revolving around a primary interest may be excessively led to by a secondary interest. Primary interest may include profession goals regarding activity or profession like client protection, while ...
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