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Organizational Management: The Case of General Motors (Essay Sample)


Select an organization with which you are familiar. Prepare a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper in which you address the following as it relates to that organization: (Assignment Link) \" Differentiate between management and leadership. \" Describe the roles and responsibilities that organizational managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. \" Evaluate the affect of globalization and management across borders. \" Recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. Support your recommendations with the concepts discussed in class and in the text, as well as your personal experiences. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Be sure to cite at least two sources in the paper. Properly cite your references. Submit the Management and Leadership Paper and Plagiarism Report. (Assignment Link)


Organizational Management: The Case of General Motors
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Organizational Management: The Case of General Motors
An organization is either a public or private entity that holds the interests of many stakeholders such as employees, managers, shareholders, suppliers, customers and the general public. For an organization to learn effectively, managers are employed to manage the interests of all the stakeholders within the organization. While managing, a manager can decide to take the role of a leader or stick to one profile. In our case, general motors company has many departments, all being headed by managers. With close observation, some managers are more leaders than managers. Although it is difficult to differentiate between a manager and a leader, the way they make decisions and how they relate with other stakeholders makes the difference. General Motors is a car making company that has many subsidiaries and therefore, prudent management and leadership in this company are needed for it to meet its goals and objectives. The changing business environment needs both leaders and managers for this organization to remain relevant in the car making industry that holds worthy competitors (Westhuizen, 2002).
There are substantive differences between a manager and a leader in an organizational perspective. A manager is perceived as an administrator in an organization. He administers all the office orders to his juniors with an intention to maintain effective running of the organization. On the other hand, a leader in an organization is perceived as an innovator. He or she is responsible for innovating new methods of running or administering the organization. While a manager sticks to the hierarchy order in the organization, a leader creates harmony in management level hence making it easy to communicate and also maintains ever changing means and channels of communication within the organization.
A manager is a copy. Where one practices pure management style in an organization, he follows the stipulated roles without making changes where necessary. A newly employed manager follows the footsteps of his or her predecessor hence making or presenting a copy of the old manager. He always observes his duties strictly without involving himself or herself to other junior’s line of duty. It is believed that, any one who can follow the rules set aside by an organization, and be able to effectively impose those orders to the juniors within the organization’s expectations is a manager. A leader is totally different from a manager on this aspect because he or she always operates independently away from the demanding stipulated rules. He is always original and independent. Although he or she is always guided by the company goals, objectives and vision of the company, he revises and upgrades the company management structure and order of events to suit the current business environment. He solves problems and makes decisions based on the current situation and does not source arguments from the presidencies. He or she gives orders and roles to his juniors according to the nature of tasks to be solved but not on the structure that is historically followed in that organization.
A manager maintains the statuesque in an organization. He or she makes sure that the company remains in the core business. A manager uses his or her position to advice the company on how to withstand the competitors’ pressure for them to retain their market share in the industry. This helps the company to retain its profits while in business. He or she maintains and retains the same management structure that previously existed before their employment. On the other hand, a leader maintains and develops the company. A leader’s main intention is to make a difference by improving the already achieved goals while introducing other new projects and structures to help the company remain relevant in the market. He or she improves the company’s capacity to produce more and quality goods and services while encouraging and promoting innovativeness in the company. This helps the company to be more appearing to the public, hence more profits are made. A leader improves the relationship between all stakeholders in the company by creating a good professional atmosphere within the organization (Mintzberg, 1998).
A manager’s main point of interest while in his duties is systems and structures in a company. He or she makes company systems go through all the departments with reliable structures. He plans, organizes and coordinates the events in an organization relying on the system and structures he creates. Reporting channels are organized, and all employees adhere to the procedures set aside while reporting to their duties. Contrary to this, a leader’s main focus is the people. He inspires and motivates his juniors all the time. He is a role model to the people but not a ruler. He works together with his team of employees therefore creating a sense of belonging to the junior employees. Improved working conditions, better pay and other people related fields are his main points of focus. He leads the people from the frontline hence making an example to the others. This leadership style of management improves the company productivity and workers relationships, hence forming a strong working team to face the company’s challenges.
Managers use control as their main tool of coordinating all the activit...
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