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Business models (Essay Sample)


The task involved examining the business models being used by the leading social media platforms. This sample provides the answer by examining the existing business models and identifying which are being used by the identified social media networks


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Business models
In this essay, the principal discussion centers on Current business models adopted by google, twiter and face book social platforms, and the sustainability of those models. Considering how these models may change in the future, and how they are adapting to mobile versus PC if applicable, it would be instrumental to examine them
Social platforms are evolving to be the new marketing turfs. Organizations are spending a fortune to advertise or equally carry countless surveys on their products through diverse social platforms but particularly with facebook, twitter and Google. To ascertain they have adequately gained and sustained these emerging dynamics, a number of social platforms have adopted dynamic business models to accommodate these unique business and organizational dispensations. The principal model utilized by these social platforms is etched on either immediacy or content sharing or more one to one interaction. This is considerably intended to ascertain more parties or organizations are involved as well as boosting the user experience.
Face book being one of the leading social platforms employs and exploits the older version of business model that is display ads, this model is typically hostile to the users and equally it cannot be effective in generating revenues. However, this model gives Face book a wider room which is essential in targeting more ads. Compared to face book, Google on the other hand came out with a keyword advertising model, the model has evolved to be highly profitable and equally remarkable since it offers a superior experience for advertisers and the other users. Nevertheless, the problem with this business model is that it has one persistent theme, advertisements works better when the users have a purchasing intent. With google, the platform is sustainable since it is widely used either for commercial or social activities. And this provides a wider difference between it and facebook, since Face book is more correlated to socializing more than on advertizing. It ought to be noted that Face book structure is quite different since it is highly tagged to the order internet business model. However, when we examine the attributes of keyword advertising model, Google becomes more viable for it doesn’t hunt for stocks, it practically harvest s them. Nevertheless, twitter is emerging to be another social media power house; the social platform has been growing aggressively. Due to the nature of its structure it has developed a new business model which it terms as promoted tweets. The business model is seen to be sustainable, note that unlike Face book and Google business models, the promoted tweets is more based on purchasing keywords where users particularly marketers will have to pay for keyword usage. Too, with promoted tweets, this model will just allow one ad to be displayed at a time. This would significantly give the marketers a room to exploit unique conversations.
Despite the strong presentations offered by these dynamic business models, the changing face of online business will have a broad impact on the way these social platforms operate. It is important to consider that online business is changing with the emerging technology advancement. Thus, for the facebook, google and twitter to remain relevant they have to develop other unique business attributes that would be more effective, friendly and economical.
Today, the marketing scene is rapidly changing likewise, these business models would required to be fine tuned so as to be compatible with other hosting platforms such as phones. Using the traditional PC the social media is effective but for the need to reach a wider audience modifying the social media business models would be indispensable for this would ascertain the way the are hosted by other media. In this regard their modifications would need to be developed in manner t...
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