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Can South Africa be a New Call Center Capital? (Essay Sample)


Can South Africa be a New Call Center Capital?
refering to the topic above discuss it using APA style with atleast three sources
i need a 2 page paper on the tpic
don't forget to include a thesis, it must be restated in the conclusion '
stick to APA 7th edition- dont include the running head
avoid subtitles in your work.
deliver it by noon if possible . Thank you


Can South Africa be a New Call Center Capital?
Student’s Name
Can South Africa be a New Call Center Capital?
Yes, South Africa is one of Africa's fastest-growing nations, with the potential to become the first's next call center capital in the continent. For the last decade, the call center industry has dramatically grown, with the number of representatives increasing by a factor of a thousand. About 200 000 South Africans work in the call center, with about 10 percent employed by maritime companies (Benner, 2015, p. 1025). Another explanation that South Africa might become another call center capital is that European companies such as Amazon and Aegis are increasingly interested in the region. Similarly, the cost of doing business in Africa is considered to be lower than in Europe, giving South Africa an additional advantage. As such, South Africa has proven to be the next call center industry because of its infrastructure and information growth, social features, and time zone, enabling it to be competitive.
South Africa has also demonstrated vital infrastructure and innovation growth. In the human resource field, the laborers are extensively trained with more excellent experience and expertise for innovation applications. Benner (2015, p. 1025) states that South Africa is among the top 20 countries globally in terms of media transmission advancement, with over 400 million phones and 40 trade lines contributing to roughly 40% of outlines introduced in Africa. Additionally, South Africa's digital infrastructure is fully developed, with computerized microwave and optical fiber filling act as the primary transmission media, making it suitable for the modern call center city.
Another explanation why South Africa could be a call center capital is due to its social features. Oftentimes, language serves as an excellent barrier for investors seeking to enter another country. In this scenario, South Africa has about eleven official dialects, with English being the most widely spoken (Comaroff & Comaroff, 2015). The majority of South Africans are native English speakers who have the typical European match, making them a perfect European business answer.
South Africa has a further benefit in its time zone, which allows the nation to achieve different objectives in the Asia Pacific region. As such, South Africa and Europe share a similar longitude, with a time difference of two hours at its most extreme, which is primarily determined by the seasons. Furthermore, the country provides a good time match for the United States of America, with the East part 6 hours behind and the West part 9 hours behind (Maasdorp, 2016). This enables the US to use existing South African call centers late at night to help its customers. F

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