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Case study and answering questions Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


case study of spire model of wellbeign in reltion to jim flannigan


SPIRE Model of Wellbeing
Institutional Affiliation
SPIRE Model of Wellbeing: Jim’s Case Study
The SPIRE model teaches that in order to be happy and healthy, a person needs to attend to five very important aspects. They include the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional. According to the theory, true happiness can only be achieved when a person connects well with others, realising a greater purpose in life, and having an active lifestyle. In the case study below, we shall focus on Jim Flannigan a successful banker who has risen through the ranks in Giant National Bank and is now the head of the European Investment banking. It is a very senior position. The paper will focus on Jim’s total wellbeing in relation to the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, and Emotional and determine his total wellbeing.
According to the SPIRE model of wellbeing, the Spiritual aspect of a person is determined by a person having a greater purpose and meaning in life. The purpose must be greater than the person accomplishing their own goals. Additionally, you have to affect those around you in a positive manner. When we focus on Jim, we realise that he is not spiritually well. Although he is highly successful, he is not at peace at all with himself. Case in point is when he is glaring through the window to his lieutenant Shin for failing to close one of the biggest deals for the bank(). He considers Shin incompetent. He also has a hard time in appreciating that anybody else apart from him can do anything right. This characteristic is well displayed when he wonders “if he has to do everything himself” (). This shows that he has no faith in the ability of his subordinates and in particular Shin despite the fact that he is his own protégé.

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