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Case Study for Hilton's Hotel (Essay Sample)


Task Description:
This assessment item requires you to prepare a case study report on a hotel of your choice, outlining current operational issues and challenges, and to subsequently develop a suite of recommendations to address these. This must include analysis of how the hotel has navigated the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in addition to other internal and external factors that affect hotel operations. It is critically important to demonstrate your knowledge of hotel operations management concepts and practices in your report. Information presented in the report can be from published studies (e.g. journal articles, books), other relevant sources (e.g. hotel website, other websites such as Tripadvisor, Yelp etc.). You should throughly research the hotel to ensure a comprehensive report.


 Hilton Hotel
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Hilton Hotel
The hotel business is growing once again. After the economic constraints in the previous year, travel with tourism was cut from family and business expenses in a hurry. As 2020 came and went, the public started restructuring careers as well as reimagining their monetary conditions. This, in the long run, makes space for the costs of travel. As a result, in 2020, the hospitality industry saw a reduction in bookings. This number has started increasing again in 2021 after many administrations began easing out lockdown rules. However, the hotels had to know the way forward into which they would keep on running even after the lockdown was imposed (Chang et al., 2019). This report will be evaluating Hilton Hotel. It will determine various factors that affected the Hilton hotel and how the hotel took into sustaining itself during the covid-19 crisis. The report will also make some recommendations based on the factors affecting the hotel.
Hilton an International biggest and firmest developing hotel business. It has more than five hundred hotels and alternatives in more than eighty republics and regions globally. The Hotel at present embraces a sequence of more than ten diverse brand designations currently. These include Hilton Hotels & Recourses, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, Doubletree by Hilton, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, True by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, and Hilton Grand Vacations. The company was established in 1919 by Conrad Hilton; today, Hilton International has more than seven thousand proprietors, of which is about 80% are duplication proprietors.
Hilton’s trade tactic could be designated as service variation with an emphasis on Value- preserving the maximum level of principles and incorporating unlimited advanced tools into the combination. Hilton World wide’s mission is, To be the most welcoming business in the realm- by generating genuine understandings for Visitors, eloquent chances for Group Affiliates, great worth for Proprietors, and a constructive influence on our societies. Hilton International is a business that has lengthened hugely over the years. Furthermore, digital generosity is one of the main foundations of Hilton Hotel's modest benefit.
Factors affecting Hilton hotel.
The administrations hold extensive authority over the hotel. After the first case was announced concerning covid-19 in China in December 2019, it brought much concern. Many nations decided to impose lockdown measures as a means of trying to curb the spread of the virus. The governments then imposed the travel bans, which killed the hotel industry in the long run killed the hotel industry, Hilton was not an exception but was greatly affected by this move (Roy & Chowdhury, 2021). Furthermore, the governments have had robust control over the hotel industry. It only takes one decision, and the state loses the considerable majority of its economy.
Other than the travel ban, another thing that the governments control is the tax. Since the governments have been increasing their taxes over the past few years, this has made the hotel owners pay more tax, which deteriorates the indulge in the long run. This has made the Hilton hotel limit its expansion due to a lack of finance. The hotel ends up paying more tax than, in turn, restricts its plans of development. Another concern that is related to the political administration is political stability. Since Hilton hotel operates in various nations, these nations have different stability in terms of politics. That is, they do not elect their leaders at ago. They vary. Not all countries carry out such practices in a peaceful way, and many governments are very violent. This, in the long run, affects the Hilton Hotel. However, the new presidents being elected in various countries will imply that the newly elected presidents would develop their new rules, which would affect the Hilton hotel.
The related effects of economic factors are the wakening of economic cycles, weakened currencies with tailored offerings. The hospitality industry is among the leading investment sectors for international investments. A continued expansion is expected to rise in the coming few years. Hilton hotel is also not left behind. However, the strength of the currency might bolster the hotel. This could be through influencing the attractiveness of vacation spots (Hassan, et al., 2020). After the first report of the covid-19 crisis, many industries froze their productions, leading to a reduction in output. This greatly affected the global economy after imposing lockdown measures that hindered people from visiting public areas, including various gatherings in even hotels such as Hilton.
As many business activities are influenced by economic changes that the covid-19 crisis has majorly caused, Hilton hotel is most susceptible to its influence. However, this will depend on several factors such as employment rates, job expansion, and travel spent. However, the hotels are trying to improve the profits with revenue through acquiring the global resorts. Hilton Hotels also has been changing its offering to guests depending on the locality of the hotel. As a result, the guests will mainly acknowledge offers tailored to them, encouraging them to revisit the hotel in the future.
The consumers’ needs the cheapest hotels as they end up shying away from Hilton hotel. This increases the rivalry more particularly through the convenient boking which is carried out on an allocation. One of the common challenges in the hotel industry s running out of rooms, especially during the peak season. When they fail to sew up, life becomes more difficult as the hotel tends to hike up the room charges. However, in various scenarios, the visitors tend to check as they look for something suitable. This is the main issue for the hotel industry, especially the ones that re cognizes hiking to spend much. In a Hilton hotel, it offers various services, not only accommodation, but the hotel also offers massage, has swimming pools, and even massage. However, regardless of all those activities, they have been restricted through the implementation of lockdown measures (Nicula & Spanu, 2019). This has helped Hilton hotel to gain a reputation since many people will be built from within. However, the hotel needs to initiate and embrace the youth development programs, which will see various youths employed.
In the past, hotels were using the old ways of doing things, such as they would market through press and media broadcasting. However, the increase of social media performs which has been used as the key ways of promoting your goods and service through online marketing. The hotel owners are making good use of social media such as Facebook in marketing their goods. This is because implementing measures trying to curb the pandemic encouraged virtual and online use of such tools. Hilton hotel has implemented an application that is mainly used for making bookings and payments. This is the most significant measure the industry took in trying to curb the pandemic.
However, the Hilton hotel is facing the challenges of reviews. As much as the hotel has been embracing technology in making bookings and many more services, it encounters such hurdles as well. Since it is always impossible to satisfy everybody, people will have their views concerning a particular service or good. As a result, some people will always indicate negative reviews, even on social media. This dramatically affects the reputation of the hotel.
Legal factors.
Since everyone and every business wishes to stay where there is enough safety, people need to stay safe. This would imply that if the hotel is placed in regions with high crime rates, it would not be visited in the long run. This will mean that it will strive to survive then. For that reason, since it is well known that Hilton hotels run in various nations, and since not all countries have a legal stability system, therefore the Hilton hotels in those nations.
However, Hilton hotel is encountering stiff competition from other hotels which offer the same services the Hilton hotel offers at a relatively affordable charge. This has made many people opt to use different upcoming hotels, and others are well-established hotels. The hotel also is greatly dependent on its stakeholders in terms of management, where they do not consider the junior employees in the decision-making process.
However, as much as the hotels have faced various hurdles, it has its point of the stronghold, such as: Robust trademark title. When an individual moves, they need to ensure that they are being presented the finest excellence service. Regardless if it is for a commercial tour or not to be available for a some of days, luxury and noble facility are crucial components in selecting a hotel. The Hilton Hotel is presently a worldwide acknowledged hotel business. Owing to its magnitude in the market, its trademark is well acknowledged. With more than 4500 assets globally, it is presently the fastest-growing hotel business. Today, it is critical to have trademark acknowledgement, but if eventually visitors are not pleased with the business's facility, it will run down the development of the trade. The business's trademark appearance has advanced over the ages and has headed to a solid consum...

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