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Measures of Central Tendency (Essay Sample)


Discussing statistics measure of central tendency using spss

 Measures of Central Tendency.
Below is a set of data that represent weight in pounds for a particular sample. Calculate the mean, median and mode. Which measure of central tendency best describes this data and why? You may use Excel, SPSS, some other software program, or a hand calculator for this problem. 110.00117.00120.00118.00104.00100.00107.00115.00115.00115.00114.00100.00117.00115.00103.00105.00110.00115.00250.00275.00
Section A: Creating a Data File. Open a data file in SPSS and enter the data presented in Table 3.1 on page 72. Save this SPSS data file.Section B: Create a mock research project. Submit your answers to the three questions below in a Word document. 
1 Considering your area of research interest (anything that pertains to statistics), briefly state your area and a possible research project related to the area (150-500 words).
2 Pose one or more null and alternative hypotheses that follow from the possible research project.
3 List at least 10 variables that would be collected in your mock research project that would be used to answer the hypotheses. After each variable, list the variable name you will use in SPSS (Section C), the level of measurement (binary, nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and the possible range of scores. Feel free to be creative.
Section C: Create a mock SPSS data set. 
1 Open a data file in SPSS and enter in a set of mock data for the research project you describe in Section B. (Note: It is important that you do not collect real data for this activity; you cannot collect data without IRB approval).
2 You must enter 10 rows of data for each of the 10 variables (that is, create data for 10 mock participants). Each row represents the scores of each mock participant on the ten variables.
3 Participant #1 must have missing data for Variable #3. Ensure this is coded correctly.
You should now have three files for Part #2 of this activity.
Part CYou will submit one Word document for this activity. You will create this Word document by exporting SPSS output into Word.Section A. Creating Visual Displays of Data.For this portion of the activity, you will export output you created while working in SPSS for Chapter 4 into a Word document. Please read the instructions below to ensure you are including the correct material in your document (This chapter has you create many charts and not all are required for Part #3).1. Using the data set: DownloadFestival.sav, create a boxplot for males and females for the variable Day1. It is important that you change the outlier identified to 2.02 prior to creating the boxplot. Be sure to save the data set with a new name, indicating it is the corrected data set (outlier identified and corrected). Save this boxplot with an appropriate title in your Part #3 Word document.2. Using the data set: ChickFlick.sav, create a simple bar chart for independent means. The variables you will use are: Arousal, Film, and Gender (grouping variable). Be sure to display error bars and save your chart with an appropriate title in your Part #3 Word document. 3. Usin...
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