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Five Methods by Which You Can Organize Reports (Essay Sample)


It regards organization of reports


Five Methods by Which You Can Organize Reports
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Five Methods by Which You Can Organize Reports
Organization of data is very important to a company. Any relevant data and information is of help to the company and needs to be well organized. However, organization of data ensures that the compilation of reports is very strategic and efficient. Organized data possess an advantage as their retrieval is fast and efficient, and waste of time is limited. Well organized data and reports ensure that a company is able to identify various aspects that are dependent on the objective of a company. Conversely, the use of reports makes it possible for presentation to stakeholders regarding the performance of a product or company in general (Tanaka, Ghandeharizadeh, & Kambayashi, 2000 p 53).
There are different methods, which are used in the organization of reports. Various methods include time and importance. When organizing information and data using the aspect time, or chronological order, this implies that the information is put in sequences of time and date frames. This makes it possible for the company to know why at that particular time an instance happened. However, this method is very useful when historical data is under review, and it gives an explanation why a result occurred (Tanaka, Ghandeharizadeh, & Kambayashi, 2000 p 101). Additionally, this method is used when highlighting the need for a specific project to take place as a result of the events in sequence.
The other method that is very necessary in the organization of reports is importance. The organization of information and data using this method makes it easier in the building of the strength of an idea or argument. Consequently, every portion of data that are presented strengthens the last portion resulting to a conclusion that is logical. However, the use of this method is very good when presentation of the most important part of information should be done first, then the less important follows. Admittedly, the use of the most important data leads to the attention of the listener being captured, thus the less important will support the original idea (Tanaka, Ghandeharizadeh, & Kambayashi, 2000 p 143).
A typical report that would be created using these methods includes product launching. Time is the aspect that should be considered to ensure that the product is launched at the specific time. A product like a smart phone needs to be documented and a report of how it would fair in the market produced. The use of this report would help make sure that the company understands the correct time to launch the product. The use of importance details the management making sure that they...
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