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On-boarding (Essay Sample)


Information Paper Format: Number of pages: Number of slides: Number of questions: Number of problems: Academic Level: Type of work: Type of paper: Abstract page: Sources needed APA 6 Double spaced 0 0 0 Undergraduate Writing from scratch Essay No 3 Subject Business Topic Employee Engagement through On-Boarding Paper details Integrating the fundamentals of Human resources management and drawing upon other sources (such as the supplemental reading, internet searches, anecdotal and first-hand experience from your career path to date) write a paper (~ 1,500 words in length) identifying a methodology and activities organizations can implement and integrate as part of an orientation/on-boarding process( the first 6 months of employment) that will truly engage employees in “being their best” and in “unleashing their full potential” and, at the same time contribute to creating an “Employment Value Proposition” that will help retain these new hires and attract future employees.


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15 Feb 2014
On-boarding is a strategic process carried out in an organization to ensure that newly recruited employees are properly inducted into the organizational culture, policies and procedures. It involves provision of necessary information, on-the-job training and mentoring. The process starts from the time a new employee accepts the offer from the company and extends up to six months or one year depending on the type of company and the nature of job. On-boarding ensures that proper relationships are established between the new employee and the management and is vital in restoring self confidence to the new employee that he is at the right place. It informs the decision of such new employees to stay that contributes to higher employee retention rates.
The new employee should be welcomed to his new employer through a phone call and issued with various documents that facilitate his familiarization with the company. Such documents may include past annual reports for the company, business plans and general regulations applicable in the company. After he reports it is necessary for a human resources officer to take the employee through these rules to enhance understanding and compliance of the new employee to all applicable rules, policies and regulations. It involves teaching and demonstrating legal and policy related rules that are applicable in the company.
This stage is aimed at generating employee engagement and understanding of the how the organization functions. It is imperative for an organization to have a new employees’ website that serves as a portal for all the information that the employee may require. Such a website aids in acclimatizing a new employee to any information that he may require or that is of interest (Rollag, Parise & Cross, 2005). Such a website assists in jumpstarting the new employee to some of the contemporary issues pertaining to the organization that may not be covered in the induction sessions. It also serves as a reference point for any clarifications for various aspects as deemed fit by the new employee. The management of an organization can seek to introduce branded on-boarding portals for new employees. Such portals inculcate an impressive perception of the organization in the employee’s mind and restore his self belief that he is at the right place. Such portals contain company employees having fun. The senior management personnel such as the chief executive officer can take such a chance to welcome the new employee to the company. A critical element for generating employee engagement and involvement is by giving new employees some level of power. Such power rests in the knowledge inculcated in the employee on how the organization functions. It makes the employee gain self confidence since the employee is continuously allowed to make decisions that are necessary in his daily performance of duties.
The second stage involves clarification to the employee on his roles and expectations on his new job. It is also the duty of the human resources department to ensure that the employee is fully familiar with the benefits he is entitled to for performance of his duties. Despite such benefits being enumerated in the letter of offer, it is always essential for the human resource personnel to ensure that the employee has fully understood the contents of his offer. It helps in motivating the employee since he is informed of career growth and development opportunities that may not have been mentioned in the letter of offer. Knowledge of career path in the company spurs enthusiasm and morale in the employee (Gruman, Saks & Zweig, 2006).
The employee is then introduced to the actual duties and responsibilities and expectations. This may take time as it requires inducting the employee on hands on processes that will determine his operations at the company. The new employee is assigned a supervisor or a mentor that is a senior employee conversant with the operations and responsibilities of the new job that the employee has been recruited to perform. This session helps the new employee strategize on how he is going to align his duties and responsibilities. This is a process that can take a month or more as the employee learns various aspects of his job. The process must be conducted thoroughly where the employee is given opportunities or breaks where he can practice what has been learnt before progression to the next level.
The employee must be educated to ensure he has essential skills and capabilities to succeed in his job tasks. It involves familiarizing the new employee to technical terms, acronyms and technologies that are used in the company. It ensures that the employee has fully understood the company’s mission, vision, goals, competitive position and strategies. It becomes easier for such an employee to align his or her capabilities to the mission and vision of the company. The new employee must become familiar with the objectives of his office and how they contribute to the success of the entire company.
Proper introduction of the new employee to his official roles and responsibilities is necessary for generating self efficacy and confidence in job performance. It also helps in generating commitment from the employee that contributes to reduced errors and increased consultations between the new employee, his supervisors and other members of staff. It is therefore necessary for supervisors of new employees to ensure they inculcate a high degree of role clarity in the new employee by encouraging questions and also giving the new employee some freedom to practice what has been learnt.
It is also necessary to introduce the new employee to the organizational culture. It involves ensuring that the employee is familiar with behaviors, beliefs and norms that define the organization. This requires introducing the new employee to all departments and their employees if the organization is not extremely large. It is advisable to introduce the new employee using technological platforms such as intranet resources. The employee must be invited to attend significant company gatherings such as departmental meetings where introductions can be made. The human resources department must ensure that the new employee has understood vital company documents such as the code of conduct, company policies and regulations. It is crucial for the employee to commit that he has understood the provisions contained in these documents by signing a confirmation sheet that is retained by the human resources manager.
The employee should also be aided in cultivating and establishing connections and interpersonal relationships within the company. The employee can be invited to company gatherings and social events such as parties where he can interact with most of the company stakeholders. The company can organize for introducing such new employee to stakeholders such as customers and suppliers during such events. It makes the employee have as much information as possible about the company such that within the first six months he is fully integrated into the system. This is because social integration for the new employee is vital in establishing proper interpersonal relationships with various company stakeholders that is considered vital for employee loyalty and motivation.
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