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Determining HRIS needs (Essay Sample)


papers show the ways, means and importance of determining human resource information system needs


Determining HRIS Needs
Determining HRIS Needs

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have overtime become vital tools for many businesses. Even the smallest units of businesses need to realize and acknowledge the benefits of using HRIS in becoming more efficient.
Many medium size businesses have been running the same human resource system for so many years and it becomes important to replace these systems. In replacing HRIS, there are many considerations that should be taken into consideration such technological advancements and policy changes. Enterprise technology is changing very immensely and should be looked into with great concern. Enterprise technology shapes the progress of a business entity and determines how intensive and often an entity should redesign their HRIS. Businesses are also guided by government policies. Policies affecting on formation and running of businesses cannot be assumed under any case in the process of upgrading or replacing a HRIS. Proper scrutiny is necessary to ensure the replaced or upgraded HRIS is in line with with the prevailing and any possible changes in the technology. Technological changes can make an HRIS obsolete, it is therefore very in order to ensure HRIS is flexible and adaptable. Government policies affect how an entity is run and the range of activities it can carry out. When a need arises to replace or upgrade human resource information system, data must be collected to determine the feasibility of the said need. Data collection is necessary to document and determine the real need for an upgrade or replacement of the existing system. The collected data should be accurate and precise to help identify any loopholes. Interviews and focus groups are among the commonly used me...
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