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Opening a Coffee Shop (Essay Sample)


In this paper, I explored some of the core factors to consider when opening a coffee shop


Opening a Coffee Shop
Opening a Coffee Shop
Coffee shop is one of my dream business opportunities. Coffee shops are a pretty-safe business idea, especially in towns where the level of competition is low. They not only add class to an area, but also are places where people can meet, socialize and relax. They provide people with a cool environment where they can freely share ideas, and personal experiences with life.
In order to get people coming into my coffee shop, I will have to adopt various strategies. For instance, I will ensure the coffee shop is strategically located such that customers can easily access it, especially in the morning. After selecting a perfect location, I will ensure the environment is welcoming to everyone in the community. I will not isolate any customer according to their style or attitude. I will also include an outdoor patio area where customers can walk freely with their pets, and still grab cup of coffee.
I will also hire professional and friendly employees who are not intimidating, and who meet customer demands/expectations. If a customer receives a cordial service, definitely he/she will come back for more. Nowadays, people prefer relaxing in places where they can easily access the internet. As a result, I will ensure there is wifi in the coffee shop, and enough s...
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