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Compensating for Performance Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Compensating for Performance
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Compensating for Performance
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Compensating for Performance
Organizations benefit from the increased productivity of the employees. More often than not, the employer provides attractive benefits packages to attract talent that will, in turn, promote organizational development. A total rewards system includes the efforts adopted by the employer to recruit, motivate and keep employees for a long time in the organization. A complete reward system provides compensation, benefits, recognition, work-life balance and the professional development of employees. An employee views the total rewards system of an organization as the perceived value associated with the employment relationship.
Software Giant is a multinational organization with operations in China, Vietnam, the Middle East, the U.S, and Canada. The company produces, ships and sells IT hardware products to its customers. Due to the complex nature of their operations and customers, the organization’s Human Resources department must be careful in the recruitment process that must reflect diversity. The company must invest in local and international employees depending on their area of expertise. According to Hoole & Hotz (2016),

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