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Employees Motivation (Essay Sample)


the Paper was about the role of employee motivation in the modern organizations.


Employees Motivation: Role in Modern Management
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Employee Motivation: Role in Modern Management
Employee motivation refers to a way of encouraging employees by offering rewards to boost their morale and enticing better performance. The rewards may be in the form of cash or promotions depending on the specific organization. This essay analyzes the motivation of employees and the role played by employee motivation in the management of an organization.
One of the roles of employee motivation is to retain the staff in an organization. Employees who are not satisfied with their occupations may seek greener pastures from the other well-paying organizations (Thomas, 2009). While trying to avoid losing employees as a result of poor remuneration and other factors, management motivates employees by cash benefits, bonuses and promotions among many other ways. Secondly, management motivates employees to increase productivity (Doyle, 2005). When employees are motivated, there is the general improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of the activities of an organization. Due to the motivation, employees carry out their activities with the main aim of achieving the set goals and objectives. The output of the organization is improved.
The other reason for employee motivation is improving the morale of employees. In this case, when the morale increases, productivity, and the overall output also increase (Strasser, 2015). As a result of the increase, the organization can improve the quality and offer better and high-quality services to its customers. The corporate image of the organization improves as well. The other role of employee motivation to the management is the promotion of teamwork. Teamwork is essential to any organization because all the staff and levels of employees work together for the achievement of goals and objectives. Teamwork promotes cohesion that in turn promotes the growth, sustainability and expansion of an organization. Teamwork also promotes harmony at workplaces pulls together the efforts of all the employees in an organization. Also, with proper employee motivation, an organization can achieve the set goals and objectives.
Another role of employee motivation is reducing the costs in an organization (Doyle, 2005). For instance, when employees quit jobs due to poor remuneration, the organization has to hire new employees and incur recruitment costs as well as costs for training and developing employees. Through employee motivation, such costs are eliminated, and the resources used to enhance the growth of the organization. Besides, employee motivation also reduced the employee’s turnover. Having employees work for longer periods improves the experience of employees and reduces costs associated with staffing. The other role of employee motivation is to improve the loyalty of employees (Lauby, 2005). In this case, employees will be loyal to the organization and cannot be attracted by competitors or other organization. Employees will work for the company to produce the best results. Finally, employee motivation reduces absenteeism. Absenteeism results to the poor productivity of an organization as well as increased complaints due to poor services offered by an organization (Fernet, Austin & Vallerand, 2012). Through employee motivation, employees are always present...
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