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Determination of ethical dilemma in a business setup. Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues. (Essay Sample)


Determination of ethical dilemma in a business setup


Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues
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Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues
Business ethics are policies or guiding principles that control the way businesses behave in a business environment. It therefore ensure that the business or individual business owners behave in an acceptable way that can allow others also to operate in the business environment (Moore, 2005). For that matter, it determines what is right or wrong for the business to do. In such a way, it is unethical to for large companies to impose hash conditions that prevent small companies to compete with them by ensuring that they do not have the chance or opportunity to promote or advertise their products effectively in the business environment. For example, accepting paying high amount of money for advertisement or promotion to promotional companies or to the media for the advertisement that small companies cannot afford. Such business practices affect the business, workers, families, and the community at large. Creation of monopolies for certain goods is also another unethical dilemma that large business uses to limit promotional practices or activities of small business enterprises. Therefore there is ethical dilemma on whether large business should continue to practice monopolistic practices or eliminate such practices for small business enterprises also to enter into the industry.

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